Work Programs

Thank you for your interest in the Isle of You Naturally Work Exchange Program. Please review the following information to see if this is the right situation for you.

The Isle of You farm is a spiritual sanctuary. Our mission is to provide the natural environment where people learn to rejuvenate the mind and body through the most divine nakedness, simplicity, relaxation, meditation, gardening and farming. Our primary focus is to help ourselves and others, to work on their divinity and to get back to their perfection, by allowing themselves the time to be quiet, tranquil, and retrospective.

We are nudists and run the farm naked 24 / 7 and ask that our workers do the same. This gives our guests the freedom to remove their clothes and experience our basic selves. Of course, we wear clothes when appropriate (weed whacking, etc). We are vegetarians and mostly organic (the produce we sell) and trying to learn how to be fully organic. We have 1 position available for our work program.

This position can be for any or all of these skills:

  • Carpenter: requires basic building skill for decks, framing and finishing.
  • Landscaper: requires mowing, grounds-keeping, and planting of gardens.
  • Maintenance: requires general facilities cleaning and maintenance.
  • Farmer: fruit orchard and banana grove cleaning and harvesting.

We are in a remote area, which gives you the opportunity for time alone. We highly suggest that you bring a bicycle, helmet and lock. Otherwise hitchhiking is still widely successful here, or you could rent or purchase a vehicle.

Participants in the program must also provide service and support to our guests by helping with daily operations. In return, you will stay in a private yurt with a shared bathroom for your home away from home. The positions are designed for focused, energetic and responsible people, healthy in body and mind.

The Work Program at the Isle of You farm support the day-to-day activities of running this farm and sanctuary. There is always ample work to be done maintaining and operating the facility. The Work Program is crucial to our maintenance, garden and farming departments. Much of the work is physically strenuous. PArticipants are required to be of sound physical and mental health. Your satisfaction depends on your attitude and intention, and growth comes from carrying out these tasks with a spirit of willing service.


  • Commitment of one or two months.
  • A one week trial period.
  • Personal medical insurance is highly recommended.
  • 15 hours per person per week
  • $50 per week fee for food
  • Ability to independently select daily chores to work
  • Nudity while on the farm at all times except when necessary.


  • Yurt, cabin or tent accommodations provided in a natural environment of lush, tropical forest.
  • Living in Kuai-he-lani and feeling gratitude for your incredible life.
  • Use of all facilities and grounds.
  • Hot showers, bathrooms and kitchen use.

The Work program is a commitment for a minimum of 1 month. A trial period of one week provides both parties with a period of time in which to get familiar with each other and reach mutual agreement.

The Isle of You Hawaii Farm does not provide medical insurance.

We invite you to explore the possibility of living and working at the Isle of You Farm. Please contact us if you require any additional information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Application and resume required

send email to
Isle of You Farm
Attn: Work program
P.O. Box 587
Pahoa, HI 96778

Click here for Application

Mahalo, Normand & Kelly